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Female Cerulean Warblers chirp away at birdsong stereotypes

This article on Audubon.org describes a new and interesting finding by the Cerulean Warbler crew working on the HEE!

Conserving the Rare Cerulean Warbler in Indiana Forests

In this piece in the Indiana Woodland Steward, HEE Researcher Dr. Kamal Islam from Ball State University discusses his research on the Cerulean Warbler and his ongoing study on the HEE.

In a rare century-long study, Indiana State scientists aim to learn more about how forest management strategies impact endangered bats

This piece features ISU graduate student Tim Divoll and ISU professor Dr. Joy O’Keefe and their work on endangered bats as part of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment.

Purdue professors finding burns, timber harvests may benefit Indiana’s hardwood forests

A description of some of the research being done on the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment and early findings.

Managing Forests for Birds in Indiana

In the Indiana Woodland Steward Newsletter, a group of HEE Researchers explain the results of a recent study on the effects of timber harvesting on bird species.

Bats Exploit Dynamic Forests

A graduate student from Indiana State University explains some of his findings on bat captures, roost selection, and foraging as part of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment.

Purdue researcher leading burn projects to regenerate oak forests

A Purdue University researcher is leading two projects designed to foster the regeneration of oak forests and improve wildlife habitat by burning smaller trees and other inhibiting plants.

100-year study asks how forest management affects animals, plants 

A group of researchers led by Purdue University has begun to sample data for a planned 100-year study designed to develop better forest management methods and measure how such practices affect resident plant and animal species.

The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment – Part One

The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment – Part Two

The Indiana Woodlands Steward discusses what the HEE is, and what questions it seeks to answer.

Purdue’s 100-Year Forest Survey

Landscape Online discusses the HEE’s most important goals.